My personal top five character list!

So I thought for the first page I wanted to write it would be fun to try and choose a top 5 of my personal favorite BL/yaoi characters! This was a hard list to make, simply because I have read/watched/played a lot of series, and as such I love many more of my bois (^_^;) It was hard to choose a top 5 from amongst all of them, but I tried my best! Let's get into it, from last to best off course! I will tell a little bit about all of them, show a photo, and say what I would want to do with them if I got the chance ;) Off course, I also love the shows all of these characters are from~

5) Shuichi Shindou

Shuichi Shindou

This cutie pie is Shuichi Shindou. Just look at his hair, and smile, and those eyes... he is adorable! He is made even more adorable by the fact he is super energetic and loves to greet people with a bright smile shouting "LA-LI-HOO!!". I have no idea what that means, but it sure is cute! He is one half of the main couple of Gravitation , the other half being Eiri Yuki. Shuichi plays in a band called "bad luck", and he makes some pretty catchy songs. Seriously, if you ever have the time, go to youtube and just listen to all the songs from gravitation! He is (obviously, look at him!) the uke in the relationship, with his partner and seme being the famous romance novelist Eiri Yuki. While Shuichi really loves his writer daddy, Yuki can often be a bit cold towards Shuichi, even appearing uncaring sometimes, even though he actually does care about him rather deeply. Despite what I said in the introduction above, Shuichi is such a pure adorable cutie even I probably couldn't bring myself to do anything lewd with him... I'd just wanna hug and pet him and feed hm yummy food. Besides, I think he is so uke he wouldn't seme me anyway! XD

4) Fei Long

Fei Long

This delicious man-meal is Fei Long. He is one of the main side-characters (?) of my favorite BL manga (together with crimson spell) of all time, Finder by Ayano Yamane! He is in the Chinese Triad. Finder is a famous yakuza -themed BL series that has been running for many years now, and it is really, really good overall, with a nice combination of hot smut and irresistably hot guys. And a great exciting story on top of that, plus absolutely amazing art overall, and a lot of funny humor mixed in as well. Go read it! I like Fei Long both because he is just so hot (which I honestly suspect is a primary motivation for many fans XD) and because he is just such a badass bad boy with an entertaining attitude (in fiction...). If, please make it happen God, he ever becomes real, I would happily let him show me all corners of his undoubtedly amazing bedroom, or maybe (okay, FOR SURE) beg to be allowed to work in his brothel and play with him in the evening. He is just one of the hottest, kind of feminine, but still also super manly and cool and badass seme I have ever seen...

3) Noiz


This is one of my all time fav characters! He is hot, badass, an interesting character due to his backstory (which I do not want to spoil here), and just all-round awesome! He is a hacker boi from DRAMAtical murder , or DMMD , and he is really, REALLY good at it. He helps the main character, Aoba, on countless occasions throughout the story, and both the story of their route and the many incredibly hot smut scenes in it are great. I would say he is my favorite DMMD character, if not for the fact they are all great and I can't possibly choose between some of the cast. I put Noiz here because I am a computer scientist and nerd/geek myself, so I guess I can relate the best to him, despite him being a seme . I love his outfit as well - the buttons are super cute and so is the beanie! There are a LOT of piercings though... when I cosplayed him I was very happy there are only four that you can really see, and that I found a trift store relatively nearby that had basically perfect replicas of them for almost nothing, despite obviously not being made to have anything to do with him LOL! As for the bedroom part, I already used my cosplay on a cute friend once and made them my seme for a night, so that already happened, and was probably the hottest most enjoyable... "session" I have ever had in my almost 30 years of life! I can really recommend using your cosplays for some spicy fun with characters you like if you never did it before, it is truly the best thing ever!

2) Misaki


My very first BL anime/series, like for many people, was junjou romantica . It's still one of my favorite BL anime ever (I haven't read the manga), even though I still have to watch the third season someday. It just has this perfect combinaton of incredibly heart melting cuteness/fluff, great soundtrack, bright colors that just make you happy, and hilarious humor. It's basically perfect to me. And my favorite character from the entire series, despite loving many of them, is definitely Misaki here. As the nendo shows, he is just the cutest thing ever. He is such a cute, girly, fluffy, adorable little uke boi I can't help but want to pet him and make him happy, spoil him to his heart's content. I get a big moe feeling from him, same as one has with cute anime girls. His seme aka writer daddy (kinda like gravitation now that I think about it!) is awesome as well. And without wanting to spoil too much of the anime, I also love the fujoshi editor side character who is a total mood the few times we see here when she talks about the books in progress! As for bedroom stuff, well I would love to have some fun with Misaki and hear him moan in his cute voice, see him shiver in pleasure... just like Shuichi above, I am pretty sure he is too uke to be of much use to me. Ooohh, I almost forgot, but the cooking scenes are also funny! Just watch the show already, what are you still doing on this crappy site?! XD

1) Izumi


I absolutely adore Izumi and love stage , the series he is from. Although it is not my all time favorite BL anime probably, I think that is still junjou romantica or it's spin-off sekaiichi hatsukoi , it's an incredibly funny and cute romcom. I have watched the anime like three times, and I have the entire manga physically on my shelf from suBLime. I also have an Izumi cosplay, though I have so far only ever been able to wear it at two events yet before the pandemic hit T_T. Izumi is not only incredibly cute, he is also just me in anime form. We are both bi, both wear glasses, are both in university, are both in an anime club, are both uke with guys (although Izumi is a bit less strict about it then me, given the end of the manga XD), and both can't draw if our lives depend on it but really want to make our own series one day. All of this just means he is my favorite BL character of all time as I can relate to him 100%, he is such a mood, and he is also just super cute and fluffy and happy and lovely! If you haven't seen or read love stage , please go do so right now! I will give you special leave from reading the rest of the site for it! Oh, and finally, I would love for Izumi to be my seme for a night, as he has shown he CAN do that in the manga! *Drools all over keyboard*

That's it for today! I hope you enjoyed reading it and I will write another page probably later this week or next week depending on how busy I am with life and when I think of another fun subject to write about! Till then! ;)